Punk Sailor Mars – Wondercon 2016

I made Punk Sailor Mars back in 2014 when the surge of Punk!Sailor Scouts came about. I personally didn’t like the designs that were out there because it all depended on having the other scouts with you to be able to tell what you were. So, I tried to make my interpretation incorporate elements from the Sailor Mars design so you could tell what I was. That worked out in my favor since I found Punk Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and a Sailor Jupiter. They spotted me in the distance and I took a few pictures with them! I even got featured on a Sailor Moon fan art page that year, so that was also super cool. I’ll definitely try to post a general thought process behind making the version 1.0 Punk Sailor Mars and the upgrades I made to version 2.0 Punk Sailor Mars for Wondercon 2016.

I may update again for a better/clear shot of the costume!

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