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Spike Spiegel for SDCC 2017

I had an idea for a while about making a girl!version of Spike Spiegel for a convention. So, not quite a business skirt version and not quite a complete guy version earlier. My interpretation would be to keep mostly same elements so you’d be able to tell what I was still. Much like my Punk Sailor Mars cosplay, I tried to keep the sailor collar and bow so you would know it was maybe Sailor Mars!

I have seen previous versions of girl!version Spike, but didn’t like the idea of wearing a business skirt to a convention. The mobility in tight business skirts isn’t that great. I also felt like if Spike was the girl in the anime… the outfit would still be shorts like Faye’s. Faye, Julia and Electra (the movie) all wear shorts, catsuit or pants so that’s also my logic there. Though, I was very surprised how hard it was to find navy blue business shorts that were the right blue. The jacket and shirt were slightly easier, white button up dyed banana yellow. I also managed to find a thin enough blazer that would work!

Once I’m done, I’ll of course post more progress pictures! After all, it’s almost July! Ahh!

Punk Sailor Mars – Wondercon 2016

I made Punk Sailor Mars back in 2014 when the surge of Punk!Sailor Scouts came about. I personally didn’t like the designs that were out there because it all depended on having the other scouts with you to be able to tell what you were. So, I tried to make my interpretation incorporate elements from the Sailor Mars design so you could tell what I was. That worked out in my favor since I found Punk Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and a Sailor Jupiter. They spotted me in the distance and I took a few pictures with them! I even got featured on a Sailor Moon fan art page that year, so that was also super cool. I’ll definitely try to post a general thought process behind making the version 1.0 Punk Sailor Mars and the upgrades I made to version 2.0 Punk Sailor Mars for Wondercon 2016.

I may update again for a better/clear shot of the costume!

Rey – Star Wars: The Force Awakens at San Diego Comic Con 2016

I got inspired to make Rey’s costume from watching Star Wars in late April (I know, very late). I managed to break down her costume into some easy pieces: her wrap dress made out of viscose material, a sleeveless round-neck shirt with a slight cut in the middle, harem like pants, belts, her side green bag and ankle boots. Her belt is actually one piece of brown leather, but I had to make my way with two belts that were way too big for me. Then, I went with cutting a hole in the belt to make it fit better or close enough to mimic the one piece for Comic Con.

Unfortunately, it was way too flippin’ hot for even this outfit and I had to change out. So, I’m going to go back and take clearer photos of the costume! I think even though I made the arm wraps out of t-shirt material, it still was way too hot!!

I also have all the elements to make an evil!Rey version too. So maybe I’ll do a duo photo of movie!Rey and evil!Rey photo set! I do enjoy having a light saber now and went with that instead of her blaster or staff like most Rey’s tend to do. I didn’t feel like carrying around the staff that should be roughly taller than me. I also couldn’t find the nerf blaster that’s bigger than the one in the movie either. So, lightsaber was the next best idea! Though, maybe I’ll figure out a way to do the staff for non-convention things… We shall see!