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Nintendo Mobile Games – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I’m on board with Fire Emblem Mobile game and the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp one because they don’t require you to be off of Wi-fi necessarily. I wasn’t a fan of the Pokemon Go game because it required you sometimes to not be on it, and just no thanks! I do like the Pokemon full games though and that’s a different beast in it’s entirety!

I have started my Animal Crossing New Leaf town over again as well. So, that theory still works of how these mobile games make some players buy or go back to the full versions as well! I haven’t gotten my favorite villager, Bunnie, in my few towns of New Leaf. Maybe this new town since she’s graced me early on in the Pocket Camp game. I do have a plushie version of her, purely by chance too!

This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tamagotchi! I don’t know where my original teal/pink/purple one went, but I definitely got a mini teal one to commemorate that original one. I had the few Connections models in later years, but also don’t know where those went in the abyss of stuff. Ah! I may have a Japanese P1 on the way too. Nostalgia! Game/toys like this can be easier to navigate since things are in the same area as the English versions were, no problem there. (Also, Internet in comparison to 1997! Hah!)