Loki series

Time flies! I swear, last I remember that WandaVision was premiering yesterday. Now, the Loki series is coming up this Wednesday. Loki’s the character I’ve been more familiar with than the previous two Marvel shows. I like the 60’s / 70’s aesthetic the Time Variance Authority seems to have? We’ll see in two days! Ahhh!


Look at that crowd back in July 2013! I thought I took this with my phone at the time but this is a digital camera for sure.

Fun fact, I remember walking past the Thor 2: The Dark World signing at Comic-Con! A little girl that was probably under 12 years old went in front of Tom Hiddleston and she started crying. He got up and around the table to hug her and she started crying even more! Oh no! I thought it was super sweet how he thought that would have helped.

Two more days!

The Black Cauldron

I had seen documentaries mention The Black Cauldron tons of times. I went into watching this remembering that the 1980s was where the mythical adventure stories were huge. Mainly, titles like Dungeons and Dragons and The Lord of the Rings cartoon were big. Disney really wanted to tap into this market with this movie.

I think if I saw this as a kid, definitely would have been freaked out by it. There were a lot of intense scenes and the movie was still a bit intense as an adult! I’m surprised there wasn’t a warning about the flashing lights for the lightning or powerful scenes. My eyes hurt and had to look away when that happened. Ouch.

Overall, it was okay though. I don’t know if I really would re-watch it on my own. This would be a re-watch if someone else wanted to see it.