Final Space Season 3

I have been a fan of Olan Rogers for years. I knew of his Final Space concept pilot way back when and was equally excited to hear that it made it to TV! I’m still surprised it feels like ages ago when the first season aired in 2018, but in reality that’s not too long ago.

Occasionally I go back to some of Olan’s old videos and it’s still hilarious even though I’ve seen it many of times. I love that Olan got to use a lot of his voices he would do in the videos in Final Space! I remember Olan mentioned he wanted it to have an overarching story through the season.

If something happened in the first episode, it would still matter in the last episode. I’m starting to realize I like that style of show and if it’s a series I started from day one and had fifty episodes? That’s fine. If it’s a “weekly monster” style series, then it depends. My attention span is changing as I get older!

Aahhh! I left a response to Olan that said hopefully Final Space can continue as long as he wants it to. But if it doesn’t, a lot of fans will be excited to see what Olan has in store next.