Cowboy Bebop: Netflix

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I know there’s a split response among fans on how this Netflix adaption came out. I didn’t mind the Live Action Faye Valentine? If there’s a second season as show runners are saying they are planning for one. There’s only ten episodes versus the twenty something of the actual anime. Hopefully they will listen to the criticism to an extent! I think if you go in this with low expectations or that it’s going to be different then… yeah.

I knew this was going to be different, and some things wouldn’t be translated to the show due to time constraints or budget constraints (Cowboy Andy! But do we really need to see that guy?) I think people forget they were filming this during pandemic time too and that probably botched some things. John Cho also got injured and that pushed filming back until they finished in March of this year.

I didn’t mind Faye’s outfit either since it’s more like what a normal human being would wear. Yeah, a woman could pick a crop top still but maybe she doesn’t feel like wearing the crop top that is two inches in length! Also, I could cosplay this version too since the only alarming color is still her top part. I did cosplay Faye Valentine a whopping ten years ago at SDCC in 2011! Wow, how time flies!!!

We needed more Ein. Always more Corgi butt!

Update: Whoops! Netflix cancelled Cowboy Bebop. There are some fans who want that decision reversed. Only time will tell.