Animal Crossing Two Years

Coming up in March 2022, it would be the two year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Sometimes I forget and it feels like time just flew by but also didn’t at the same time! I have a layout I finally like and my goal for this year is to have a complete island by the time March rolls around. Almost got it!!!

I know there were a lot of criticism for this game. There was a lot missing in comparison to older games. But at the same time, I appreciated that you got all the tools right away and didn’t have to wait for it to pop up in the store. You can craft a lot of things. The big one for me was that you could move villager houses and your own house wherever you please. Even if it’s also a “with great power comes great responsibility” at the same time.

I saved old screencaps of my first island and a few iterations in between. It’s fun to look at the differences in my ideas at the time and skills in making it cohesive!