Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley has been a recent obsession of mine! I never played any Kingdom Hearts games like this before so this is an interesting experience. I do love farming games, played Animal Crossing since Wild World days and Stardew Valley more recently. I do like how they already give you the watering can that can water a few crops at a time. Since that was a bummer for me when starting Stardew Valley and having to work up to sprinklers.

I like Disney movies and found it fun that the music makes you feel like you’re in the park. I feel like when the music stops that’s an error for the pre-release but we’ll see when the full game comes out next year.

I would love it if Baymax came to the game! I think that’s what lead me to this game too, I watched the Baymax shorts they released back in June and I went down the Disney rabbit hole again.

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By nicole

Hi, I’m Nicole Oyama and I’m a web designer, crocheter and artist. I love video games like Animal Crossing and have quite a history of my island’s design from launch to now. I’ll also write about my crochet journey and other online adventures.