Dev Blog #1

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I figured I should just include the dev blog on the main blog instead of a separate one. Much like how video game companies might do the same thing.

  • I made a child WordPress theme that takes the attributes from my parent WordPress theme. That way if something goes haywire I can roll back to the original one.
  • I rearranged the content to how I want it in the final draft of the website. I moved the work on one page, blog on another page, and maybe one more page.
  • I figured out the color scheme I want, the fonts, and particular style for the bare-bones redo.
  • From there I could prototype the design part of the website and complete the new portfolio website.
  • I’m not sure if I like the block editor on WordPress. But I did make an Archive page for my blog, so I needed to return to the new block editor to do so.
  • I cleaned up the gallery, since I realized I had extra photos I didn’t need.

To do list:

  • I need to figure out the responsive menu so it doesn’t disappear on smaller screens.
  • Design the layout in a prototyping program
  • Implement the design in the layout and then done!

2003 looking website in 2023!

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I found it fun that sites on Neocities ran with the early 2000’s aesthetic. I thought it would be fun to try to design a website with the early web design tropes in mind. I figured I shouldn’t prototype it like how you would a modern day website. I only have one day to finish it, or add onto it, and see what the final look is. I couldn’t bring myself to do tables or textarea like the scrolling part looks like. That’s just a div with an overflow on it to give off the look of it.

Back in those days, there was no such thing as a website displaying properly on a cell phone. The cell phones were probably a flip phone or a Nokia 5120 or a 3310 (in which I had both of these phones!) I had a teal faceplate like this example. Oh memories! Nowadays, you just get a cover to put on your iPhone. You didn’t have to take the whole front of the phone off to customize it.

If there was the internet on a phone, it was text based and no photos. If there were photos it was very low quality and probably Motorola Razr era and color screen flip phones.

I think the Neocites page needs more colored scrollbars, custom mouse design and something else is missing… Hmmm…

However, I couldn’t help but make it fit mobile and iPad too:

I realized something!

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Happy 2023 a few months late! The Last of Us series is coming to an end soon and I was thinking of things in 2003 and where I was during that time frame. I thought about the few concerts I had gone to wouldn’t have happened in the universe! I hadn’t played the game, but weirdly knew a lot about the game story. I liked the series so far, there will be season 2 (Yay but oh no) and at least The Mandalorian will be more of Pedro Pascal but in space and Grogu! Yay!

I forgot when the concerts happened but I remembered it went something like this:

2003 – Taproot. Good Charlotte.

2004 – Sugarcult? My Chemical Romance?

2005 – Taste of Chaos tour: The Used and My Chemical Romance. Sugarcult again? Warped Tour?

2006 – Warped Tour. The final concert I went to: We Are Scientists!

I feel like I’m missing a few or which order it was exactly. I feel like I went to Warped Tour twice or not, I can’t remember. All I remember is the last concert I went to was We Are Scientists!

If we’re still thinking about The Last of Us universe, then I never would have gone to Comic Con later in the 00’s:

2009 – SDCC – no costume

2010 – SDCC – no costume

2011 – SDCC – Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

2012 – SDCC – Tifa Lockhart – FFVII

2013 – SDCC – no costume

2014 – SDCC – Punk Rock Sailor Mars

2015 – SDCC – Red Card Katarina – League of Legends

2016 – Wondercon – Punk Rock Sailor Mars Redo

2016 – SDCC – Rey – Star Wars Ep VII

2017 – SDCC – Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

Missed 2018, 2019, got tickets in 2020 whoops, 2021 was missed as well.

2022 – SDCC – Tina Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

What was interesting to me reading reddit posts about The Last of Us is people wondering how malls were back in 2003? I remember malls having arcades back then, at least ones near me. All the way up until 2009 too!