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  • Animal Crossing Two Years

    Coming up in March 2022, it would be the two year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Sometimes I forget and it feels like time just flew by but also didn’t at the same time! I have a layout I finally like and my goal for this year is to have a complete island by […]

  • Animal Crossing Updates!

    I followed a video tutorial on YouTube since I liked the way it looked. But the example had stairs on one side for the entrance and figured you need a way to get down, so a staircase on the other side. I realized that it was giving me a weird headache every time I ran […]

  • Animal Crossing Updates

    I have been playing Animal Crossing since March when it launched! So, I have quite a bit few hours in the game. My initial idea for the island theme was going to be Japanese themed since my previous Animal Crossing games I would make my house that theme. In previous games, you couldn’t decorate the […]