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  • The Finale of FATWS

    I’ll admit that I didn’t watch a lot of the Captain America movies when they first came out. I think the first Marvel movie I caught in the theater when it just came out was either Ant-Man (2015) or Thor: Ragnarok (2017) possibly. I tried to watch Iron Man (2008) in the theater when that […]


    I didn’t watch Captain America movies when they initially came out and had to watch them after their release dates. The pacing of the show is different and definitely more grounded than WandaVision was. If nothing had happened last year, ahem, this would have actually come out first of the Disney+ shows. So that’s interesting […]

  • The Marvel Universe

    I grew up watching the X-Men cartoon because it came on before something else I wanted to watch. So, I always had a little soft spot for the X-Men. I liked the first two X-Men movies that came out in the early 2000s but am definitely interested to see where Marvel takes them with their […]

  • Watching both of the Sabrina shows

    I watched the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” series when it aired, but I didn’t remember the final two seasons of the series. I’m not sure why I missed those? Though, when it originally aired, if you missed an episode you probably never saw it again or knew you missed one. Even with this old timey […]