Shiro’s Crochet Shop!

I have just put up the Crochet Candy Corn digital pattern on my Etsy Shop: ! The main focus of the shop will be digital patterns.  I figure that I can take a few custom orders/commissions and then cap them off if I get a lot in one go.

I won’t do copyrighted characters for the amigurumis or for attached on the wearable items. I’ll copy the requirements / rules on a page here for reference since it can be hidden on Etsy.

If you want a wearable item such as a basic sweater, hat, scarf, wrist warmer, gloves, etc. Please have a pattern or example in mind and we can work from there.

Crochet Sweater

I wanted to try to make a crochet sweater from my measurements, and then see if that fit after making it. Much like how I had to figure out how to crochet a hat that would fit my hat size.

I was shown this video on YouTube where the person made their own striped sweater from basically winging it. I wanted to figure out a better way to secure the tails from the stripes / color changes and found the Russian Join technique.

The first few videos I found were a bit confusing for me, the person in the video would show the two colors at first. Then they would somehow be at the end product of the two pieces of yarn linked together! I found a video that finally made sense to me, and now I’m always going to use this technique when starting a new skein or changing colors. I used this project to also try out the magic knot technique too but not sure if I like that technique.

When I’m done with this prototype sweater, I’ll wash the sweater and see how the previously mentioned techniques hold up.

I tried to make it out of yarn that I had on hand at first. That way I could also go through my stash before buying more which is always great.


In recent times, I have read on various sub reddits that people that own Etsy shops and other online shops are having issues with USPS getting their packages to the customers. I had packages that were coming to me that went to the wrong zip code, but the label was correct, and it eventually made its way to me. Luckily!

So, I decided to do a lot of digital downloads for shops instead. I started a RedBubble shop too: and converting my crochet shop into digital patterns instead of shipping out items. I’m uploading to Red bubble in batches here and there as well.

I’ll also be uploading the crochet patterns to and on Ravelry when I’m ready to go.

I also have some ideas for patterns for fabric and for coloring pages since that can be fun for people stuck at home nowadays.