Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

I knew of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings before they announced it was going to be Simu Liu as the lead role. He was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2019 and it’s crazy to think it was that long ago!

I’m glad the movie is doing well at the box office. Absolutely amazing and there were a lot of times I’ve related to Awkwafina’s character, Katy. Ha. There needs to be sequels and that we could see the growth of Shang Chi as a character much like the other Marvel Superheroes!!!

Loki series

Time flies! I swear, last I remember that WandaVision was premiering yesterday. Now, the Loki series is coming up this Wednesday. Loki’s the character I’ve been more familiar with than the previous two Marvel shows. I like the 60’s / 70’s aesthetic the Time Variance Authority seems to have? We’ll see in two days! Ahhh!


Look at that crowd back in July 2013! I thought I took this with my phone at the time but this is a digital camera for sure.

Fun fact, I remember walking past the Thor 2: The Dark World signing at Comic-Con! A little girl that was probably under 12 years old went in front of Tom Hiddleston and she started crying. He got up and around the table to hug her and she started crying even more! Oh no! I thought it was super sweet how he thought that would have helped.

Two more days!

The Black Cauldron

I had seen documentaries mention The Black Cauldron tons of times. I went into watching this remembering that the 1980s was where the mythical adventure stories were huge. Mainly, titles like Dungeons and Dragons and The Lord of the Rings cartoon were big. Disney really wanted to tap into this market with this movie.

I think if I saw this as a kid, definitely would have been freaked out by it. There were a lot of intense scenes and the movie was still a bit intense as an adult! I’m surprised there wasn’t a warning about the flashing lights for the lightning or powerful scenes. My eyes hurt and had to look away when that happened. Ouch.

Overall, it was okay though. I don’t know if I really would re-watch it on my own. This would be a re-watch if someone else wanted to see it.

Final Space Season 3

I have been a fan of Olan Rogers for years. I knew of his Final Space concept pilot way back when and was equally excited to hear that it made it to TV! I’m still surprised it feels like ages ago when the first season aired in 2018, but in reality that’s not too long ago.

Occasionally I go back to some of Olan’s old videos and it’s still hilarious even though I’ve seen it many of times. I love that Olan got to use a lot of his voices he would do in the videos in Final Space! I remember Olan mentioned he wanted it to have an overarching story through the season.

If something happened in the first episode, it would still matter in the last episode. I’m starting to realize I like that style of show and if it’s a series I started from day one and had fifty episodes? That’s fine. If it’s a “weekly monster” style series, then it depends. My attention span is changing as I get older!

Aahhh! I left a response to Olan that said hopefully Final Space can continue as long as he wants it to. But if it doesn’t, a lot of fans will be excited to see what Olan has in store next.

Retrospective of Web Design

I was going through an old external drive and found some previous versions of The Little Shiro’s website. The first two are concepts I designed and the last one is the first official version of the website.

I went on a fun nostalgia trip looking at all sorts of old versions of websites! I will challenge myself to make a revamped version of Shiro’s website for this day and age.

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Animal Crossing Updates!

I followed a video tutorial on YouTube since I liked the way it looked. But the example had stairs on one side for the entrance and figured you need a way to get down, so a staircase on the other side. I realized that it was giving me a weird headache every time I ran up and ran down two sets of stairs and removed that. I changed it so it was completely flat and you have a clear pathway to the stores and into the island.

I have some empty areas for the upcoming Mario items and Sanrio items. I probably should change the stage area to fit more with the Japanese theme that I have going on. In fact, that was my original idea but my island went through several versions before finally reaching this one.

I’m surprised it’s already coming up on a year since Animal Crossing came out? I can’t believe it’s already going to be March! Time seemed to have flown by but also not flown by all at the same time.

A friend of mine got the game recently, and it’s been fun trying to help her out with things. The new items and the cherry blossom seasons are going to be exciting to go through again. I hope that Nintendo has learned with Bunny Day and has a plan for this year… there were way too many eggs spawning. Ugh, the horror!

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