Animal Crossing Updates

I have been playing Animal Crossing since March when it launched! So, I have quite a bit few hours in the game. My initial idea for the island theme was going to be Japanese themed since my previous Animal Crossing games I would make my house that theme. In previous games, you couldn’t decorate the outside and only decorate the inside! I managed to find an old screencap from my Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2013) game and what a difference in technology.

My old screenshot of my first save file on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I made the mistake of deleting this file and should have just kept it and tried to clean up the weeds.

For the new Animal Crossing island, it’s currently Halloween so I have most of the Halloween DIYs. I also changed to a half Japanese themed and Cottage Core island with the natural paths that can be seen in this screencap here.

I changed “The Path” to a Halloween version to fit the current holiday. When it’s winter, I’ll change it to fit the winter/Christmas theme since the Winter DIYs are icicles.

There’s some areas that I need to refine on the island to be complete. But like with everything that has endless possibilities like this there’s always endless options.


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In recent times, I have read on various sub reddits that people that own Etsy shops and other online shops are having issues with USPS getting their packages to the customers. I had packages that were coming to me that went to the wrong zip code, but the label was correct, and it eventually made its way to me. Luckily!

So, I decided to do a lot of digital downloads for shops instead. I started a RedBubble shop too: and converting my crochet shop into digital patterns instead of shipping out items. I’m uploading to Red bubble in batches here and there as well.

I’ll also be uploading the crochet patterns to and on Ravelry when I’m ready to go.

I also have some ideas for patterns for fabric and for coloring pages since that can be fun for people stuck at home nowadays.